Value-driven Paralegal Services

Professional Notary Services

1. Document Notarization:
- Affidavits
- Certified true copies of documents

2. Oaths and Affirmations:
- Administering oaths
- Taking affirmations and declarations

3. Real Estate Transactions:
- Notarizing mortgage documents
- Property transfer documents

4. Wills and Estate Documents:
- Power of Attorney
- Last Will and Testament

5. Business Documents:
- Incorporation documents
- Business contracts

Cost-effective Legal Assistance

1. Small Claims Representation:
- Cost: $1,500 - $2,000
- Includes: Filing, court preparation, and representation.

2. Landlord and Tenant Disputes:
- Cost: $1,500
- Includes: Eviction notices, lease agreements, and tribunal representation.

3. Traffic and Provincial Offences:
- Cost: Starting at $350.00
- Includes: Contesting tickets and court representation.

4. Document Preparation:
- Cost: Starting at $350
- Includes: Drafting legal documents and affidavits.

5. Employment Law Assistance:
- Cost: $500 - $2,000
- Includes: Workplace claims, contract disputes, and wrongful dismissal cases.

6. Human Rights Advocacy:
- Cost: $1,500 - $3,000
- Includes: Filing complaints and tribunal representation.

7. WSIB Claims Management:
- Cost: Starting at $1,400 - $2,500
- Includes: Filing claims, appeals, and hearings.

Paralegal Services

1. Small Claims Court Representation:
- Filing claims
- Preparing for hearings
- Representing clients in court

2. Landlord and Tenant Disputes:
- Eviction notices
- Lease agreements
- Mediation between landlords and tenants

3. Traffic Tickets and Provincial Offences:
- Contesting traffic tickets
- Representation in traffic court
- Advice on provincial offences

4. Document Preparation and Legal Research:
- Drafting legal documents
- Conducting legal research
- Preparing affidavits and declarations

5. Employment Law:
- Workplace safety and insurance claims
- Employment contract disputes
- Wrongful dismissal cases

6. Human Rights Issues:
- Filing complaints with human rights commissions
- Representing clients in human rights cases

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Some of our Happy Clients

Paralegal Maria is absolutely the best I have ever dealt with! She is so empathetic and she truly cares about giving her clients justice! I recommend her 1000% .

Rebecca Lovo Nurse

I am very grateful to have found BF Legal Services to assist me. Lubelia is a caring, kind and very knowledgeable person. She is genuine and will seek justice for you. I highly recommend! Thank you so much Lubelia, you are greatly appreciated!

Sue Hamde

I was referred to this legal company by the law society. I had a great experience working with Lubelia, a knowledgeable and helpful paralegal who assisted me with a difficult tenancy issue.

Jan Miranda Web Designer

Paralegal support in North York

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