Pricing: Hourly Rate: Numerous paralegals determine their fees by utilizing an hourly rate. This method is particularly prevalent when the paralegal is unable to anticipate in advance the amount of time required for a legal matter. For instance, in lawsuits where the intricacy and duration can greatly differ, an hourly rate is frequently employed. The paralegal meticulously records the time dedicated to working on the case and invoices the client accordingly. Hourly rates may fluctuate depending on factors such as expertise, standing, and geographical location1.

Flat Fixed Rates: Paralegal services may choose to charge a fixed rate for certain legal services. This entails the client paying a set amount for a specific task or service. For example, preparing a will or dealing with a traffic violation could be invoiced as a flat fee. Such an approach offers clarity and certainty to clients, as they are aware of the cost in advance.

Contingency Fee: A Paralegal may sometimes operate on a contingency fee arrangement, where their payment is dependent on the result of the case. If the client is successful or obtains a favorable settlement, the paralegal will receive a predetermined percentage of the amount recovered. Contingency fees are frequently utilized in personal injury cases or other circumstances where financial compensation is anticipated.

Retainer Fee: Many paralegals require an initial payment known as a retainer. This payment guarantees the availability of the paralegal to handle the client’s case. Throughout the process, the paralegal will subtract their fees from the retainer. In case of extra work, clients might have to top up the retainer.

Budget-friendly Notary Pricing

Our pricing is for notary and legal services, as well as document drafting, representing Ontario.

In-person notary prices start at $29.99 +TAX

  • First notary signature cost & seal (on Pen & Paper) $ 29.99
  • Additional notary signature and seal: $9.99 each
  • Bulk signature and seal $10.95 each
  • Will or Power of Attorney, or Separation Agreement: $49.99
  • Additional copy: $19.99
  • Airport mobile notary prices: $249.99 plus notarization fee
  • Notarization fees do not include GST/HST